Antipodal focusing of seismic waves due to large meteorite impacts on Earth
collective motion
Local disalignment can promote coherent collective motion
non stationary random models
Non-stationary spherical random media and their effect on long-period mantle waves

Code Related Work

Spherical Harmonics Python Package (pyshtools)
colormap 2d
2D Colormap Designer and Python Package
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Scientific Python Cheat Sheet


Book cover
3D Visualization for Book Cover: Computational Seismology (OUP)
3d ray paths
3D Visualization of Seismic Ray Paths
3d moment tensors
3D Visualization of Moment Tensors
historical Paris
Interactive map of the city development of Paris
deisa catalog
Visualization for the Deisa Supercomputing Catalog
solarsystem svg
Solarsystem SVG
seismic wavefield visualization
Visualization of the Seismic Wavefield on the Global Scale
metro traffic 2011
Map of the Parisian Metro Traffic 2011
collective motion animation
Animated Collective Motion Model